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Friday, February 1, 2013

Whole30 Day 1: Where is my Diet Dr. Pepper?

For anyone who knows me, I am truly addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper.  It has been around since before my kids were born.  I would go off during the pregnancies, but right back at it afterward.  I don't drink coffee and have only sampled tea.  Today I went cold turkey! 

Of course if you know anything about Whole30 I also went cold turkey on a few other things like:
Dairy (no cheese)
Grains (no bread, pizza, chips)
Sugar (yes - all, any, zip, zero nada)
Lugumes (I had been eating alot of these, they are usually marked healthy)
Alcohol (going to miss my wine - a bit)
White Potatoes
Sulfites, MSG or Carrageenan (this entails reading label, especially if you don't really know what they are)

The final challenge is you are also not allowed to weigh yourself during this 30 days!  This one I am going to have to fudge a little on because I am still competing in a 1 pound down competition.  This means I get weighed in every Monday and could win the big cash prize if I am the last gal standing.  You must lose a minimum of 1 pound per week.  Guess I could just have weigh in person give me a thumbs up or down and not the numbers?  Do I need to have my son hide my scale?  This last one I think I am going to have consider, I have a bad habit of getting on the scale in the mornings - it's there and, who doesn't want to start out each day with a little bit of torture?  This will take some pondering...

3 eggs
handful of sugar snap peas

Sugar Snap Peas
Black & Blue Berries

Tonight the hubby and I have a date to go grocery shopping.  Skipped it last night, the teens below zero was keeping us motivated to stay home.

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