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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Part 3 - Day Zero of Whole30 - Practice Day

Well it is now 9:30pm.  We did NOT go shopping tonight, see today's part 2 for weather update - just way too cold to go out.  We are going to have a Friday night date at Whole Foods!  My hubby made a delicious dinner:  shrimp, mushrooms, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, artichoke hearts. It was yummy and our 14yo son enjoyed it as well.

Biggest fear for Day 1:  No Diet Dr. Pepper

For tomorrow I have predetermined some goals (part of the process).

Endurance - My Goal:  
I will stay on the Whole30 program for 30 days, 1 Feb - 2 Mar.

Nutrition - My Goal:  

I will eat breakfast & lunch at least five days a week.

Sleep - My Goal:   

I will be in bed, no electronics, by 10:30pm five nights a week.

Stress Management - My Goal:  

I will take fifteen minutes after work to unwind (maybe knit or read).

Exercise - My Goal:  

I will participate in some form of exercise, for thirty minutes, at least four times per week.

Active Recovery - My Goal:   

I will stretch &/or foam roll after exercising.

Fun & Play - My Goal:  

I will spend at least two hours a week creating ( hobbies).

Personal Growth - My Goal:   

I will participate in meal planning, purchase & preparation at least once per week.

Temperance - My Goal:  

I will bring no electronics into the bedroom for thirty days.

Spiritual Growth - My Goal:   

I will say grace before every meal and participate in the Radical bible study at Grace Fellowship.

Now it is time to turn off the computer and get ready for a good night sleep under the heated blankie (lights out at 10:30pm).

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