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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day Zero of Whole 30 - Practice Day

DAY 0:  Today I am completing a preliminary Whole30 today - a practice day.  On Feb 1, I will start the Whole30 officially. 

Why the day wait?  Because we don't have all the ingredients yet - going shopping tonight.

Why Whole30?  My trainer suggested it and, of course, I listened but didn't act.  He mentioned it again (and again) enough so that I took a look at the Whole9LIfe website (www.whole9life.com).  The website and all the testimonials about the Whole30 just sucked me in.  It may be that I am feeling older than I am, struggling against depression, not losing weight, feeling sluggish at the gym, etc.  Basically I need something to change for the better.

How it began:  After reading the website, the forums, the testimonials and hearing more from my trainer, I thought, "I can do anything for 30 days - right?"  Well officially, when it comes to eating, my husband does the grocery shopping and meal preparation for the the main meals of a day.  For the other meals I am on my own - and that is a pretty scary picture.  So of course, I determined that we (my dh and I) should do this together.  Now to get him on board...  One other note, I am addicted to Diet Dr. Pepper.

My husband is skinny.  However, he deals with high cholestorol and high blood pressure.  I talked to him about this Whole30 thing, but I don't think he took me seriously at first.  Then I sent him the website link and copied a bunch of the testimonials about high cholestorol and high blood pressure into an email.  I must have tweaked some interest because he came home talking about it.  He learned that a coworker knew all about Paleo and had been eating that way for a while.  His twin girls eat that way as well as his pregnant wife.  The whole family is in on it.  I believe this connection was a gift from God, my hubby began to take this a bit more seriously.  I don't think he is yet 100% on board (asked last night "how strict about the clean food are you planning to be?") but I think he will at least go along for the ride.

Practice Day Zero:  Today I ate eggs for breakfast, however, I only had margerine to cook with.  I was unable (read unwilling) to give up my Diet Dr. Pepper for the practice day.  Tomorrow will be painful, but I had to laugh, DDP was actually mentioned in "The Timeline" by Robin Strathdee on the Whole9Life site.  I am going to try Jimmy Johns for lunch.  I know I can get a wrap that is wrapped with lettuce.  Figuring if I skip sauces, include lettuce, tomato and meat I will be good to go.  However I will admit that this choice is sheer laziness on my part - I didn't take the time to prepare a lunch last night or this morning.  Hoping JJ's will provide a good option that I can use in the future as well.

I will check back in after the shopping and preparation for the BIG DAY 1.

Preparation:  Tonight we are going grocery shopping.  If there is anyone reading this who knows me, YES I said WE and GROCERY SHOPPING in the same sentence.  I hoping that this is a 30 day journey that my husband and I can do together.  I may not go as far as actually cooking a meal, but I can help get all the ingredients together.  OK, I actually wrote in my SMART goals that I would try meal preparation at least once a week.  This is a stretch goal for me.

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