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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Part 2 - Day Zero of Whole 30 - Practice Day

Just a quick lunch update.  Glad this is a practice day!  Everyone says to plan & prepare, prepare & plan - OK already, I get it.  Not prepared lunch learings:
1.  Walking to restaurant when it is 3 degrees (F) with wind chill values of 25 to 25 degrees below zero is just poor planning.  Staying home (from work too) in front of a fire is what temps like this call for.
2.  Holding up the lunch crowd line because you don't know how the ordering system works, let alone what to order can make you enemy's quickly.  I tried to justify this by thinking - you get to stay out of the cold longer...I don't think any one was thinking along these lines (read "move it lady").
3.  Ordering a Jimmy John's  'UNWICH' was a good idea, turkey, tomato, sprouts, lettuce, cucumber wrapped with lettuce vs. a grain product.  Note to self:  Not only hold the cheese (pat's self on back) but don't forget to hold the sauces as well - UGH!.
4.  When it is freezing outside and you have to get back to work - RUN!  It leaves you a little extra time to blog about your experience and it may well have to count as your exercise for the day.

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