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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 5 - New Counter, Continued Results, Re-Introduction

I decided it would be nice to look at my latest endeavors with a new start count.  Hence today is day 5 after the Whole30.  Another idea is that it would be really nice for to attempt trying to blog more regularly.

Day 1 (3/3/2013):  It was Pat's birthday, so we decided on a fantastic little place called Q-Fanatic.  It has some of the best barbecue every.  We order some sides as well.  So, on day 1 I had what ever was in the various BBQ sauces and some potato wedges.
Day 2 (3/4/2013):  I woke up with a bit of a gut-ache.  I spent the day staying Whole30 compliant.
Day 3 (3/5/2013):  Good night sleep, woke up well rested, no gut ache. Snow day!  Ate compliant.
Day 4 (3/6/2013):  Had my junior high girls bible study over.  One of the gals brought a yummy red velvet cake to celebrate her birthday.  I had a piece about 1" x 1".  Sat in my gut the rest of the night, not comfortable!
Today:  Woke up gassy. Eating compliant today.  I think that there are two things I want to try to reintroduce.  1) Wine and 2) Dairy.   Now I need to determine if I should break up dairy into milk, cheese, yogurt.  Yes, that seems like a plan.  As for wine, we will see if an occasion arises.

I am continuing to work out at least 4 times per week.  I will update the status of the goals I set this weekend.  I am still in the 1 lb. down contest.  I have decided that most of what has been added to my diet is around processed sugar.  Also, that my body doesn't like it and I am not craving it.  The cake last night was good, but I could have taken or left it.  That is such an amazing feeling!

Next week the chief cook and grocery shopper will be gone.  That means I am totally on my own for food.  I think that on Saturday (after they leave?) I will prepare for the week, go grocery shopping and set myself up for success.  Maybe I can even talk DH into making me a chili of something to use for leftover eating.  Food that I would like for the week:
  1. salmon cakes
  2. egg bake
  3. meatballs
  4. chili (pineapple and/or chocolate)
  5. hard boiled eggs
  6. kale chips
  7. stir fry of some type
  8. fruit

Monday, March 4, 2013

Day 32 Done, but not really...

Down 14 pounds
Stopped taking allergy medications (usually year round)
Sleep has been amazing
Energy for work outs good
Face and skin clear
Fingernails growing
Just not feeling as 'puffy'
No caffeine for 32 days
I know I have lost inches, but those measurements will be taken later today.

Because of the TOM issue (just ending), I am going to continue on with some re-introduction as things presents themselves - no real 'needs' just now.  Last night for husbands birthday we went to a local BBQ joint.  I am sure that there were things the meat was cooked in that were not compliant and plus sides like slaw, but it we didn't go on a cake and pie binge.  So, with one night off, I am continuing on for a couple of days and then will see if there is anything that strikes my fancy.  I am pretty sure wine is going to be next.

I have to admit that I woke up this morning with a gut ache and feeling a bit bloated.  Just another reason to stay on.  Because of our outing last night, I don't think I could make a determination of the culprit, so a few more days on and I will be more careful when I decide to add the next item - ONLY ONE AT A TIME!

I don't think I have slayed the sugar dragon completely.  However, with vacation this month, my 50th, etc all in the month of March, I think I will hold off on anything like a 2nd Whole30 until at least April.  I have noticed that I am not craving anything sugary, but when those treats come around, I am still very tempted.  I would like to alleviate the longing and deprived feeling as I pass them by - is that possible?

I had hoped to feel so amazing that I would want to dump all my prescriptions (bc, thyroid & depression), but after the PERIOD FROM HELL, I am not ready.  Just eating healthy did a number on my hormones, I cannot imagine what my body would be up against if these hormone based drugs were dropped.  I have appointments coming up with some of the doctors and we will have some serious conversations.  My husband says he doesn't feel any better or worse.  I am a bit bummed about that.  His cholesterol levels were great, but the doctor is attributing it to the meds.  His sleep has been good too, but also he uses meds there, so... Only time will tell and we each have to be comfortable with our choices.

Recommend this to anyone!  You can do anything for 30 days, and this has been worth it!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Day 29 @ 1:30am

I guess this will be one of the more difficult days for me.  I am sitting in a small conference room working the  11pm to 6am shift for a software conversion ocurring in Portugal (I am in MN, USA).  I have been up since 6am on 2/28 and will get to put my head on a pillow no earlier than 7pm on 3/1.  Back to the conference room (command center).  Because the work effort has been over 3 days, there is food everywhere!  Not one thing is compliant - trust me I looked!  Good thing I brought 3 hard boiled eggs, a banana and some Macadamia nuts.  Once it hits 6am, there is a little restaurant near here that makes awesome compliant omlets (breakfast) and amazing salads (lunch).  I will have dinner at home and then go to bed!

  • LeeAnn Chins (many varieties)
  • NutriGrain bars (3 boxes)
  • Sunbelt bakery bars
  • WhoNu? (cookies)
  • Chips Ahoy's
  • PopTarts (3 boxes)
  • Pastries (large variety)
  • Poppy seed muffins
  • Blueberry muffins
  • Donuts
  • Baked Lays
  • Lays Wave's
  • Doritos
  • Corn chips
  • Popcorn
  • Chips Ahoy's
  • Pretzels
  • CheeseIts
  • Triscuits
  • Caribou flavored beverages
  • Every type of soda imaginable
Well, wish me luck, it is now 2am and I only have to be here 4 more hours!

Day 28 - Still Flowing Along!

So if you read my last post, you might get the pun (intended)!  This post is a female, hormonal rant - beware!

Everything about the Whole30 has been really great except this female 'bunny trail' adventure.  It is sidetracking a great deal of my focus from the effort.  I feel drained (yes, I know - punny) and just physically dragging.  I am sleeping, but it is fitful and full of odd dreams about menses.  I am trying to decide how long I should go like this before speaking to a doctor.  I mean really, how much can be left in there?  Where did it all come from?  Can I expect this to continue for a while due to my age?  Or is this due to hormonal re-balancing and it to will pass?

I know this isn't healthy thinking, but maybe I should just go back to eating crap so I can leave the house with out the fear of not having a bathroom nearby for my 30-60 minute check-ins!  UGH!!!

Only 2 days left (well most likely at least 4) but I. NEED. THIS. TO. STOP!!!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 25 (and a weekend update)

I have definitely learned I am not a good blogger on the weekend.  Probably because, even though I have every gadget available, I tend to avoid my electronics on the weekend.  Except for mind-dead things like games & puzzles.

We had some yummy Whole30 Compliant food this weekend.  We had an egg bake with lots of vegi's and a  spicy meat.  Pat made a meatloaf and his own BBQ sauce, sweet potato hashbrowns and last night we had chicken with vegi's and avocado.

(***warning guys, this is about very little Whole30 & potentially TMI female stuff***)
Just a little background - I am 31 days shy of 50 and have truly loved using Depo-Provera.  For me it was basically no periods, which has been awesome for the level of activity and the unusual locations I sometime land.  I am praying for menopause, not Niagara Falls!

So I had a meltdown on day 21.  I now believe that it was PMS.  And let me tell you, from one who has been using the quarterly shot, Depo Provera, for quite some time with no issues AND NO TOM, I was not ready for the last 5+ days.  Moody, blues, not hungry at all AND HORRIFIC flow.  Horrific is probably not even really adequate.  Let's just say I worked from home today and still was running to check on things every 30 minutes.  UGH!!! I have been out reading the Whole9Life Ladies Only forum.  Seems like many women experience changes in their cycles, but, this is just ridiculous. How much can really be there to have this ghastly flow last this long?  Really?  I mean how many days can I work from home without providing some type of explanation to my MALE boss?   He is a good guy, but I just hate having to discuss this stuff. I guess I just have to wait this out, but if anyone has any ideas, I am open to suggestions.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Day 22 of Whole30 - 1 Week Remaining

Yesterday was rough.  I am not sure what got into me, but I was whiny, moody, blue and was in a very negative mind set.  I have hit RESET today.

Meal 1:  hard boiled eggs (2), handful of Macadamia nuts, clementine
Meal 2:  meatballs with sauce, granny smith apple
Meal 3:  roast, carrots, squash (extra helpings of roast due to WOD prior to meal)
Water:  4 - 22 oz bottles

Looking back at what I ate gives me part of the reason for my day.  It didn't get any better even after I worked out.  I tried 'interval training' on the elliptical.  My trainer says I will burn more fat if I do cardio in sets of 15 secs all out, 10 secs slow.  Wow - that was more difficult than I expected.  I usually work out on the elliptical for 30+ minutes.  I was happy to be done at 20 minutes yesterday.  Went home, ate, played with a puzzle all night while listening to TV.  Can you say 'slug'!  Hoping for better today.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 21 - My (OLD/BAD) Habits are Fighting Back

Interestingly enough, the Whole30 email I received today for day 21 coincides with many of my thoughts this morning.  Habits die hard.  For the last two days, I have felt great, but have had niggling doubts going through my mind that are leaning toward undermining this whole plan.  Thoughts:

     *  I hate to think through & prepare breakfasts and lunches, especially in the morning before work. 
     *  I really can't find any vegetables that sound good, fruit is easier, tastes better, etc.
     *  You do need to have fats, just dip into that sunflower nut butter.
     *  If hubby isn't going to cook dinner, I don't think I can fend formyself.
     *  Eggs again?
     *  Is this really going to work long term or is this another fad?
     *  I miss eating ..... (fill in the blank).

As I read back, I sound like a whining spoiled child - I get that.  But how do I keep my self from sabotaging my self?

I have only ever liked working in/around the kitchen when I was baking (very unhealthy goodies).  I am not thrilled with grocery shopping (shopping period, but that is another story).  I have been spoiled with a hubby who takes care of most of this.  How can I make this easier?  I know, get over myself, suck it up, yada, yada, yada.  Wish it was that easy.