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Monday, February 25, 2013

Day 25 (and a weekend update)

I have definitely learned I am not a good blogger on the weekend.  Probably because, even though I have every gadget available, I tend to avoid my electronics on the weekend.  Except for mind-dead things like games & puzzles.

We had some yummy Whole30 Compliant food this weekend.  We had an egg bake with lots of vegi's and a  spicy meat.  Pat made a meatloaf and his own BBQ sauce, sweet potato hashbrowns and last night we had chicken with vegi's and avocado.

(***warning guys, this is about very little Whole30 & potentially TMI female stuff***)
Just a little background - I am 31 days shy of 50 and have truly loved using Depo-Provera.  For me it was basically no periods, which has been awesome for the level of activity and the unusual locations I sometime land.  I am praying for menopause, not Niagara Falls!

So I had a meltdown on day 21.  I now believe that it was PMS.  And let me tell you, from one who has been using the quarterly shot, Depo Provera, for quite some time with no issues AND NO TOM, I was not ready for the last 5+ days.  Moody, blues, not hungry at all AND HORRIFIC flow.  Horrific is probably not even really adequate.  Let's just say I worked from home today and still was running to check on things every 30 minutes.  UGH!!! I have been out reading the Whole9Life Ladies Only forum.  Seems like many women experience changes in their cycles, but, this is just ridiculous. How much can really be there to have this ghastly flow last this long?  Really?  I mean how many days can I work from home without providing some type of explanation to my MALE boss?   He is a good guy, but I just hate having to discuss this stuff. I guess I just have to wait this out, but if anyone has any ideas, I am open to suggestions.

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