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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Day 4 From the Morning After...

First off, I am writing the day after because one of my goals was to NOT bring electronics into the bedroom.  Therefore by the time the day completed I was laying in bed and realized that this is the time I would normally post.  I was to lazy to move downstairs and take care of it and didn't want to break my 4 day winning streak of keeping the electronics out of the room, so...I am writing this morning.

Breakfast:  Strawberries, two hard boiled eggs, about 10 macadamia nuts
Lunch:  Ribs (left over from Saturday), cauliflower mush (left over from Sunday), kiwi
Pre-Workout:  one hard boiled egg
Dinner:  Ground beef, tomatoes, peppers, oninion, jalapenio mix served in romain lettuce leaves with 1/2 avocado used as a "spread" and a kiwi

Yesterday started out about the same as the other days, slug-like zombie.  However by about 1pm I was feeling pretty good.  I only tried to kill one person, and that would have happened no matter what I was eating.  I am still craving the Diet Dr. Pepper.  I would like that craving GONE!!!  However, my workout was very uplifting, my trainer and a few at the gym were very supportive, especially commenting on the DDP willpower.

As I mentioned above, the day started out with low energy.  By the time I hit my workout I was feeling pretty good.  My workout went well, with one exception.  That exception is the dreaded 'dog sled'.  This is a lovely exercise I believe was taken straight off some torture web site (or from Biggest Loser's last chance workout - same difference).  It entails my trainer standing on furniture movers (slippery little discs that easily move across carpet) and me, with stretch bands pulled across my waist - held by him, mushing and pulling him like I was competing in the Iditarod.  I am the sled dog.  The first round of this went OK, but each subsequent round drained me of any energy I had.  The last being practically a crawl, though I did remain on my feet.

I was thankful to come home to a wonderful dinner and was able to recover because I hadn't anything pressing to do during the evening - hence early to bed (see above excuse for posting so late).

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