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Friday, February 8, 2013

Whole 30 1st Week!

So as of the end of the day yesterday I have been eating extremely different from any other time in my life. I feel pretty good.  I am going to increase the amount of food I consume in the morning.  Going to find some all natural peanut butter and celery.  I think I can stomach that in the morning.

FOOD (remainder of 2/7)
Lunch:  The 250 Salad at D'Brians
Dinner:  Fresh walleye (from Lake Milacs), fried mixed vegi's

So other than needing to get my morning food figured out, things are going well.  The dear hubby (DH) is totally on board and we are working this together.  This is a good thing to be doing together as we continue to repair our relationship (long story from another time).  Earlier in the week we were talking about how we were feeling.  He said that it might give me some idea of how he felt physically when quitting drinking.  He said the first couple of days without sugar/grains/dairy felt a bit similar to going without alcohol.  That was an interesting tidbit of information for me, I never have had anything to provide any understanding on how that felt for him.  Another win from starting the Whole30 journey.

The downside is that I seem to only have read recently stories of Whole30iers who have had disappointing results with weight loss in the first 30 days. I think my trainer has pumped me up that the weight will just drop away, and maybe it will, but I think I need to focus on some of the other benefits.

GOALS - How am I doing thus far?
  • I have not had any Diet Dr. Pepper beginning February 1, 2013.  SUCCESS
  • I have stayed compliant to the Whole30 eating program thus far.  SUCCESS
  • I am eating three meals a day.  SUCCESS
  • I have been in bed by 10:30pm every night thus far.  Sleeping well after first couple of nights.  SUCCESS
  • I have been taking some time to listen to a book, read or pray before digging in for the nights activities. SUCCESS
  • I exercised 4 times last week and have exercised twice this week thus far.  I would like this to go up to 5, but we will see.  OK
  • I have been stretching, but not regularly using the rollers.  Hurt shoulder on Tuesday and didn't stretch out at all after that. WORK ON THIS!
  • I attended knit night last night.  First time in a while.  SUCCESS
  • I went grocery shopping with DH last Friday & Saturday and made my own dinner Tuesday night.  SUCCESS
  • I have not played on my electronics in our bedroom since before this started.  SUCCESS
  • I have remembered Grace prior to my meals very few times.  Not a habit that has ever been  a part of my life in the past.  WORK ON THIS!
 As I look back at this, I think this is going well.  I have also noticed that my allergies (or constant snotty nose) has really decreased.  I am sleeping well. I don't know, but it feels like my tummy is decreasing - my muffin top doesn't seem so significant.  If this is at all true, it will be awesome!  Every time I have put on weight (usually the same 40 lbs I lost before) more and more of it goes to my abdomen.

 I will continue on this journey, results thus far are worth it!

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