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Monday, February 18, 2013

Day 18 of my Whole 30

So today is day 18.  I feel pretty good.  This weekend my hubby and I had our grocery shopping date on Friday.  We started at Cosco.  For those who think that the Whole30 is expensive, I will admit it can be, however, we have found quite a good deal at our local Cosco.  You have to search a bit, but it is there!  After Cosco, we went to Trader Joe's.  I really like that store.  In general, grocery shopping doesn't appeal to me.  Two stores I seem to like are Trader Joe's and Byerlies.  Of course, that seems to be in conflict  with the statement I just made about expense.  Good thing I have my hubby along who seems to be VERY frugal in the grocery arena.

Dinner on Friday was Salmon cakes.  Different recipe though.  This one used sweet potatoes.  We didn't like it at all, it came from the ISWF book.  Really loved the first one - it came from Nom Nom Paleo.  Anyway, we ate dinner and I determined that I would figure a way to use them during the week. 

Saturday Pat was busy in the kitchen.  He worked on a meatball recipe from MomGonePaleo and made mayo.  The meatballs were delicious! Pat served them over spaghetti squash - also a first for us.  It was a great meal.  We also have plenyt of leftovers to use during the week.

Sunday Pat slow cooked pork chops with carrots, celery and onions.  It was good, but I think Pat wanted it more moist with some extra spices.

I think we are learning to get enough of each of the food groups to keep our energy levels even.  I have to learn to ensure I have to fats, and Pat needs to eat better breakfasts.  Workouts seem to be fine as well.  I am eating 2 hardboiled eggs before them, not just one.  I have another weigh-in tonight for my 1 lb down contest.  I am curious to see where things stand this week.

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