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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Whole30 - Day 3 Need Sleep & Energy

I ended my look back at yesterday with weird restless night of little sleep. Can you say Zombie! I have had enough energy to barely make it to church and my life group. Of course there was a nap in between the two!

Breakfast: eggs, half an avocado and an apple. I need to look into if avocados are vegi's ad fat, or just counted as one of them.
Grabbed a small handful of macadamia nuts before group.
Lunch: peppers stuffed with Tuna

I am back on couch ready to nap again. I have to find enough energy to prep some fruit and vegi's and finish the laundry. I am not confident that this will occur.

I have not caved on the Diet Dr. Pepper, but it is always on my mind. According to the plan, tomorrow I am looking forward to a crabby, kill everyone/everything day. Wonder if I will have the energy to actually follow through on that?

Dinner: buffalo roast. Not sure what will be served with it yet.


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