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Friday, February 1, 2013

Whole30 Day 1: The Shopping Trip

So dinner was yummy. Hubby made zucchini spaghetti and we had some spicy sausage. I could replace pasta with this. Still craving Diet Dr. Pepper.

Grocery Shopping:
I have not (for years & years) participated in the meal planning, purchase or preparation. My little comment when people look astonished is, "DH can sort his coupons by aisle and can make something delicious from nothing, why would a lady who can burn water want to get in his way?" So, we have a Paleo cookbook from a friend and DH has printed off the weekly meal planner, I have the pantry stocker and shopping list from Whole9Life - we should be set, right? Nope. He seems to be a little off put by this thing. So we made a list and headed out.

Mistake #1: it is snowing, the roads are slick and we are going to the nearest Whole Foods. This easily a 20 minute drive, in good weather. Also DH is driving and doesn't really like to drive at night. Lots of cars in the ditch, but we made it there & home safely.

Now we are not financially strapped, but I would say we are frugal. I am learning that my DH is a wildly frugal grocery shopper! Whole Foods (he calls it Whole DOLLARS) was kind of cool to me, most items on the list were there, easy to find, it was clean and layer out nice. However, I have been informed that the prices were ridiculous. So after dropping less than $100, we left with our two paper sacks. Next time I need to remember that 'tree huger' is part of the shopping experience and I need to bring my own reusable bags!

Now, the average person would just let the subject of money drop, but not me! I asked if we could just pop over to the Barnes & Noble so I can pick up the book (It Starts With Food). Remember, it is still snowing and about 7 degrees F. He was pretty cool about it, but I think it is just dawning on him that I am pretty serious about this...for more than just the thirty days.

Well, I am off to start reading said book. Hoping I will find more reasons for him to want to make this a life long journey.

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