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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Whole30 - Day 2 In Hindsight

So everything warns that days 2&3 will be hard. I felt sluggish all day! However I also did quite a few things I normally wouldn't. I slept in! This was so necessary, but I just about missed my noon workout appointment. Just grab some cold meat on my way out the door - will have to work on the per-workout food plan. Got back, cleaned up & had eggs, vegi's and was then off to a butcher shop & Cosco. Please note here that this is the 2nd grocery trip for me in as many days - UGH! We definitely learned that buying organic is more expensive. However, on a positive note, we found quite a bit at Cosco. So when we finally get home it is after 6pm and I am starving. Pat made us ribs with a salad...have to figure out some type of dressing.

I went to bed early. Can you say weird dreams and a restless night!

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