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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day 19 - The Downward Slope & Decisions

Was discussing reintroduction with my hubby yesterday.  I think that he and I have 11 days to get on the same page.  I believe that he is still looking at this in terms of cost and convenience.  Last night he said he wanted to add grains back in first because he liked sandwiches, pasta and rice.  I don't want to go back there.  Grains are a food that I can easily over consume.  So, what does that mean for me if he wants all that back?

I will have to prepare more of my own meals.  I would have to ask him to prepare meals keeping grains separated from rest of the meal.  I am not saying I wouldn't want grains at all, reintroduction will tell me more.  But I would prefer to keep them as a "treat" than back to our original habits.  Pat and Gunnar maybe able to handle them, they have an entirely different metabolism, but I know that this is an area of problem for my health.

Pat would also very much like to have his weekly pizza back.  How do I handle that one, especially when what he is really thinking about Papa Murphy's take-n-bake?  Not that an occasional treat wouldn't be nice, but this was a weekly habit.  Make my own meal completely?  Wow, that shouldn't sound so ominous, but to  me it does.

Dairy is the area that I think I would like to try out.  I miss a glass of cold milk and cheese on my omelet.  Still, as I feel the health benefits, I believe that this too could be just an occassional treat.  Ice cream included.

Finally, I wonder about the Access bars, protien shakes & Fiber Wise.  For me they are convenient.  They are also less eggs!  Fiber Wise is the least of it.  I haven't really felt a need for anything like it since I started the Whole 30.  The rest is convenients I will admit.  I think in this area I will need to do some more research on what ingredients are in these two items.

Well, lots to think about over the next days.  I will actually be doing a Whole 32 - my final weigh-in and measurements for a contest I am in is on March 4 vs. the March 2 official date.

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