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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 21 - My (OLD/BAD) Habits are Fighting Back

Interestingly enough, the Whole30 email I received today for day 21 coincides with many of my thoughts this morning.  Habits die hard.  For the last two days, I have felt great, but have had niggling doubts going through my mind that are leaning toward undermining this whole plan.  Thoughts:

     *  I hate to think through & prepare breakfasts and lunches, especially in the morning before work. 
     *  I really can't find any vegetables that sound good, fruit is easier, tastes better, etc.
     *  You do need to have fats, just dip into that sunflower nut butter.
     *  If hubby isn't going to cook dinner, I don't think I can fend formyself.
     *  Eggs again?
     *  Is this really going to work long term or is this another fad?
     *  I miss eating ..... (fill in the blank).

As I read back, I sound like a whining spoiled child - I get that.  But how do I keep my self from sabotaging my self?

I have only ever liked working in/around the kitchen when I was baking (very unhealthy goodies).  I am not thrilled with grocery shopping (shopping period, but that is another story).  I have been spoiled with a hubby who takes care of most of this.  How can I make this easier?  I know, get over myself, suck it up, yada, yada, yada.  Wish it was that easy.

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