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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Day 5 - New Counter, Continued Results, Re-Introduction

I decided it would be nice to look at my latest endeavors with a new start count.  Hence today is day 5 after the Whole30.  Another idea is that it would be really nice for to attempt trying to blog more regularly.

Day 1 (3/3/2013):  It was Pat's birthday, so we decided on a fantastic little place called Q-Fanatic.  It has some of the best barbecue every.  We order some sides as well.  So, on day 1 I had what ever was in the various BBQ sauces and some potato wedges.
Day 2 (3/4/2013):  I woke up with a bit of a gut-ache.  I spent the day staying Whole30 compliant.
Day 3 (3/5/2013):  Good night sleep, woke up well rested, no gut ache. Snow day!  Ate compliant.
Day 4 (3/6/2013):  Had my junior high girls bible study over.  One of the gals brought a yummy red velvet cake to celebrate her birthday.  I had a piece about 1" x 1".  Sat in my gut the rest of the night, not comfortable!
Today:  Woke up gassy. Eating compliant today.  I think that there are two things I want to try to reintroduce.  1) Wine and 2) Dairy.   Now I need to determine if I should break up dairy into milk, cheese, yogurt.  Yes, that seems like a plan.  As for wine, we will see if an occasion arises.

I am continuing to work out at least 4 times per week.  I will update the status of the goals I set this weekend.  I am still in the 1 lb. down contest.  I have decided that most of what has been added to my diet is around processed sugar.  Also, that my body doesn't like it and I am not craving it.  The cake last night was good, but I could have taken or left it.  That is such an amazing feeling!

Next week the chief cook and grocery shopper will be gone.  That means I am totally on my own for food.  I think that on Saturday (after they leave?) I will prepare for the week, go grocery shopping and set myself up for success.  Maybe I can even talk DH into making me a chili of something to use for leftover eating.  Food that I would like for the week:
  1. salmon cakes
  2. egg bake
  3. meatballs
  4. chili (pineapple and/or chocolate)
  5. hard boiled eggs
  6. kale chips
  7. stir fry of some type
  8. fruit

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